Kerstin P. Hofmann and Stefan Schreiber, "Raumwissen und Wissensräume. Vielfältige Figurationen eines weiten Forschungsfeldes für die Altertumswissenschaften", in: Raumwissen und Wissensräume. Beiträge des interdisziplinären Theorie-Workshops für Nachwuchswissenschaftler/innen, eTopoi. Journal for Ancient Studies, Special Volume 5 (2015), 9–38


In this paper, inter-relations of space and knowledge are elucidated. Our perspective is strongly influenced by the so called spatial turn, the supposed de-territorialization of social and cultural life due to globalization, as well as the practice-based conceptualisation of knowledge by science studies. Space and knowledge are here not regarded primarily as states, but instead as processes co-producing each other. These processes generate multiple figurations, which we understand as ‘travelling concepts’, and which we aim to make productive for the disciplines that study the ancient world. The focus of interest is consequently on the production (or genesis) and transformation of spatial knowledge and spaces of knowledge. The introduction to the conference volume sketches its central ideas, concepts and research questions. The nine papers are presented in thematic groups centered on 1) the interconnection of space and knowledge, 2) the discursive negotiation of spatial knowledge, and 3) spaces of knowledge as research topic and strategy both in the ancient world and also in sciences and humanities and their communicative practices.

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