This workshop will be devoted to critical discussion of themes from Jay Wallace’s new book manuscript on “The Moral Nexus”. The manuscript develops a relational interpretation of morality according to which moral demands are owed to other individuals, who have claims against the agent to compliance with them. Interpersonal morality is, on this approach to it, the domain of what we owe to each other, just insofar as we are each persons with equal moral standing. The manuscript argues for the advantages of this way of understanding the moral domain; explores some of the important theoretical and practical presuppositions of relational moral duties; and considers the normative implications of understanding morality in relational terms.

 Invited Discussants

Invited participants include Monika Betzler (München), Christine Bratu (Berlin), Tim Henning (Stuttgart), Ulrike Heuer (Leeds), Doug Lavin (UCL), Erasmus Mayr (Erlangen), Véronique Munoz-Dardé (UCL/Berkeley), Peter Schaber (Zürich).


Jan Gertken & Thomas Schmidt in cooperation with the Einstein Ethics group

The workshop is free to attend but places are limited. For registration, please contact Thomas Schmidt.

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