Quaternary International, 463 (Jan 2018)

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Michael Thelemann, Wiebke Bebermeier, Philipp R. Hoelzmann and Brigitta Schütt, "Landscape history in the Widawa Catchment Area since the Saalian Drenthe stadial in Silesia, Poland. A geoarchaeological case study of long-term landscape changes", in: Quaternary International, 463 (Jan 2018)
Torsten Klein, Wiebke Bebermeier, Jan Krause, Dirce Marzoli and Brigitta Schütt, "Palaeogeographical situation of an assumed ancient anchorage in the hinterland of a Phoenician settlement (Guadiana Estuary/SW-Spain)", in: Quaternary International, 463 (Jan 2018)
91–109 Martin Schumacher, Anna Dobos, Wolfram Schier and Brigitta Schütt, "Holocene valley incision in the southern Bükk foreland: Climate-human-environment interferences in northern Hungary", in: Quaternary International, 463 (Jan 2018), 91–109
74–90 Wiebke Bebermeier, Philipp R. Hoelzmann, Michael Meyer, Stefan Schimpf and Brigitta Schütt, "Lateglacial to Late Holocene landscape history derived from floodplain sediments in context to prehistoric settlement sites of the southern foreland of the Harz Mountains, Germany", in: Quaternary International, 463 (Jan 2018), 74–90