Ralf Leipold, "Begriffene Welt und das (verborgene) Wissen um und über Räume", in: Raumwissen und Wissensräume. Beiträge des interdisziplinären Theorie-Workshops für Nachwuchswissenschaftler/innen, eTopoi. Journal for Ancient Studies, Special Volume 5 (2015), 39–63


Since the advent of the spatial turn, initiated by geographers in the 1980s, the social and cultural sciences and the humanities cannot be conceived of without the term space. The numerous word-creations with space are just one example of this fact. ‘Space-knowledge’ seems to have increasing prominence in these alliances even though the theoretical foundations for the reciprocal reference are not yet completely evident. This lack of evidence poses the question of how to adequately integrate space into theoretical discussions. This paper endeavours to discuss this problem by following a social-geographic perspective which examines the relation between space and knowledge from a critical reflective as well as from a practice-oriented point of view. By following the two-sidedness of the nexus between space and knowledge, it will be shown to what extent orally or visually formed knowledge about space offers analytical access to (ancient) worldviews. Moreover, the focus on knowledge of space brings specific places of conservation and transmission of knowledge, such as libraries, into the centre of the examination.

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