Vasso Zographaki, Florence Gaignerot-Driessen and Maud Devolder, "Nouvelles recherches sur l'Anavlochos", in: Bulletin de Correspondance Hellénique, 136–137.2 (2012/2013) (2015), 513–535


New Investigations on the Anavlochos. Since the beginning of the 20th c., the area bordering the Mirabello Bay, a pivotal point between central and eastern Crete, has been intensively explored by archaeological investigations which have brought to light a great number of sites dating from the Late Minoan III to the Archaic period. It is thus now possible to propose a clearer picture of the occupation in this region between the collapse of the palatial system and the rise of the Greek city-state. Within this regional and historical perspective, the new investigations carried out in the Geometric settlement of the Anavlochos and the preliminary results achieved shed a new light on this crucial phase of transition.

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