Maud Devolder, "The Protopalatial State of the Western Magazines of the Palace at Malia (Crete)", in: Oxford Journal of Archaeology, 35.2 (2016)


The evidence available for the reconstruction of the Western Magazines of the early palace at Malia is here re-evaluated. Despite the importance given to external social agents stationed in the Protopalatial town outside the palace, our knowledge of the main building during this key period in the history of the settlement remains limited. The shallow stratigraphy associated to its construction and heavy rebuilding during the succeeding Neopalatial period obstruct a clear vision of the architectural phasing of the early building, but a new analysis focusing on building materials and techniques suggests the presence of a series of Protopalatial storage rooms behind the main façade on the West Court, later integrated into the Neopalatial building. This architectural analysis allows a better assessment of the role of the central building of Middle Bronze Age Malia.

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