Christoph Klose



(C-IV) City Spaces Topoi 1 (Doctoral Fellow)


Publications in Topoi

Article 2017
Wolfgang Filser, Bernhard Fritsch, Will M. Kennedy, Christoph Klose and Rosaria Perrella, "Surrounded by the sea: re-investigating the villa maritima del Capo di Sorrento. Interim report", in: Journal of Roman Archaeology, 30 (2017), 64–95
Proceedings 2015
Christoph Klose, Lukas C. Bossert and William Leveritt (Eds.), Fresh Perspectives on Graeco-Roman Visual Culture. Proceedings of an International Conference at the Humboldt-Universität, Berlin, 2nd–3rd September 2013, 2015
Book [inpress]
Christoph Klose, Präsentation und Konstruktion von Vergangenheit in Städten der römischen Kaiserzeit, Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter, [inpress]