Will M. Kennedy




Publications in Topoi

Article 2017
Will M. Kennedy and Felix Hahn, "Quantifying Chronological Inconsistencies of Archaeological Sites in the Petra Area", in: eTopoi. Journal for Ancient Studies, Volume 6 (2017), 64–106
Article 2017
Wolfgang Filser, Bernhard Fritsch, Will M. Kennedy, Christoph Klose and Rosaria Perrella, "Surrounded by the sea: re-investigating the villa maritima del Capo di Sorrento. Interim report", in: Journal of Roman Archaeology, 30 (2017), 64–95
Inproceedings 2016
Will M. Kennedy, "Ein Versuch einer Higuchi-Viewshed-Analyse am Beispiel eines Wachturms auf der Umm al-Biyara in Petra, Jordanien", in: Undine Lieberwirth and Irmela Herzog (Eds.), 3D-Anwendungen in der Archäologie. Computeranwendungen und quantitative Methoden in der Archäologie. Workshop der AG CAA und des Exzellenzclusters Topoi 2013, Berlin: Edition Topoi, 2016, 157–179
Article 2016
Will M. Kennedy, "Reassessing the impact of natural landscape factors on spatial strategies in the Petra hinterland in Nabataean-Roman times", in: Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies, 46 (2016), 137–154
Inproceedings 2013
Will M. Kennedy, "The hills have eyes: GIS-based studies on a possible watchtower on Umm al-Biyara", in: Stephan G. Schmid and Michel Mouton (Eds.), Men on the Rocks. The Formation of Nabataean Petra, Logos Verlag, 2013, 271–294