Curse tablets, Roman palaces, and art theft:
Berlin students successfully organised a conference on topics of ancient cultures.

The student project “Zukunftsportal: ANTIKE” took place in front of 250 guests: About 100 students of different Berlin secondary schools came together at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities. They discussed research issues relating ancient worlds. In January 2012 the students investigated various areas of work of researchers in Berlin. In different workshops they discovered authentic places such as the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) or the museums of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation. There, renowned researcher gave an insight into some of their projects. Joining experts, the students also created lectures, flyers, PR, a documentary, and other publications. The students presented the results of their journey back in time, encountering topics such as “Who owns Antiquity?” or “What are the benefits of the reconstruction of ancient landscapes “. At the end of the project the students held a press conference together with other participants of their historic endeavour.

“Zukunftsportal: ANTIKE” is a cooperation project of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities and the Excellence Cluster Topoi of the Free University Berlin and the Humboldt University Berlin. The project is funded by the Department for Education, Youth and Science of the federal state of Berlin.

Published by Nicole Goehler (Barnim-Gymnasium), Felix Strobl (Hans-Carossa-Gymnasium), Jonas Werdes (Sophie-Scholl-Schule)

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Fotos © Bernd Wannenmacher