Undine Lieberwirth (Topoi administration) will give you some new information on “Further developments and adjustment of the TOPOI-database and future Web 2.0 internet presence”

Two Topoi fellows (belonging to the fields of Egyptology/Linguistics and Classical Archaeology) will present papers providing you an insight into their research:

Alexander Schultheiß’ (Research Group CI) paper is entitled “The egyptian nisbas and nisba constructions. Problems and perspectives”.

Nisbas are denominal adjectives denoting spatial, social and discrete relations. The lecture focuses mainly on the so called inverse and reciprocal nisbas and nisba constructions. Its aim is to demonstrate that the state of the art explanations for these phenomenons are inadequate and need to be revised.

Mantha Zarmakoupis’ (Junior Fellow) paper is on “The VR digital model of the Villa of the Papyri project”

The VR digital model of the Villa of the Papyri project is a research tool that incorporates data from the 18th century and recent excavations, unites the surviving known fragments of wall paintings and mosaics (both the ones found at the Villa recently and the ones found during the 18th century excavations and removed) and presents a reconstruction that distinguishes the seen and/or known (from the 18th c. plan) parts of the Villa from the non-seen and/or not-known parts of the Villa. This paper presents the evidence, methodology and tools used for the construction of the VR digital model of the Villa of the Papyri.