The second BabMed Workshop aims to bring together a group of specialists on Ancient Medicine and Magic and to elucidate different practices of fumigation from both a local (individual) and cross-cultural perspective. The programme includes presentations on fumigation in Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Greece and China, a visit to the workshop of the Archaeobotanist Reinder Neef at the German Archaeological Institute in Berlin and the close study of cuneiform texts on fumigation in round-table format.

Speakers and participants include, among others, Tanja Pommerening/Mainz, Paul Unschuld/Charité Berlin, Mario Fales/Udine, Irving L. Finkel/Brit. Museum London, Frans Wiggermann/Amsterdam, Nils P. Heeßel/Würzburg, Henry Stadhouders/Utrecht, Giulia Ecca/Berlin, Martin Worthington/Cambridge, and Lucio Milano/Venice.

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