The event comprises two meetings. We aim to discuss issues related to economics and Topoi. The main idea of the meetings would be to contribute to producing a text which can be useful for Topoi researchers to aid in approaching economic problems they encounter in the course of their own research.

A secondary idea is to distil out the concepts necessary for “A Handbook of Economic Concepts for Altertumswissenschaftler”.


At the first of these two meetings, we aim to present the document for discussion at these two meetings, allowing us to make some changes over the summer so that the discussion can continue on a different level in the fall onwards.

One part of the discussion work consists of dealing with a list of economic concepts which can serve as the basis for the proposed Handbook. Another part consists of the treatment of economics, identifying themes which require adjustment (or abandonment) and adding others.


The meeting will take place at the Topoi-Building Mitte, Room 1.03, Hannoversche Str. 6, Berlin