Dr. Elisabeth Rinner




Publications in Topoi

Incollection 2017
Elisabeth Rinner, "Ancient Greek Sundials and the Theory of Conic Sections Reconsidered", in: John Steele and Mathieu Ossendrijver (Eds.), Studies on the Ancient Exact Sciences in Honour of Lis Brack-Bernsen, Berlin: Edition Topoi, 2017, 165–182
Article 2017
Gerd Graßhoff, Florian Mittenhuber and Elisabeth Rinner, "Of paths and places: the origin of Ptolemy’s Geography", in: Archive for History of Exact Sciences, 71 (2017), 81–101
Article 2016
Gerd Graßhoff, Elisabeth Rinner, Mathieu Ossendrijver, Olivier Defaux, Marvin Schreiber and Emilie Villey, "Longitude", in: Space and Knowledge. Topoi Research Group Articles, eTopoi. Journal for Ancient Studies, Special Volume 6 (2016), 634–677
Book 2013
Elisabeth Rinner, Zur Genese der Ortskoordinaten Kleinasiens in der Geographie des Klaudios Ptolemaios, 2013
Article 2013
Elisabeth Rinner, Bernhard Fritsch and Gerd Graßhoff, "Die unvollendete Sonnenuhr von der Agora der Italiker auf Delos", in: eTopoi. Journal for Ancient Studies, Volume 2 (2012/2013) (2013), 111–130
Article 2013
Bernhard Fritsch, Elisabeth Rinner and Gerd Graßhoff, "3D Models of Ancient Sundials: A Comparison", in: International Journal of Heritage in the Digital Era, Volume 2, Nr 3 (2013), 361–373