Program [PDF]:


Welcome and Introductory Remarks
Reinhard Bernbeck
Michael Meyer
Ulrike Sommer
Transnational Remembrance: Palestinian Heritage Making and its Non-Sites of Memory
Chiara de Cesari
Resafa, a Memory Site for Christians and Muslims in the "Syrian Desert"
Dorothée Sack
The Varus Battle – or: How to Escape the Memory Trap
Heidrun Derks
Excavating Sites of Memory: the Uncommodifiable Archaeological Moment
Gabriel Moshenska
Memory, Emplacement, Multi-temporality
Yannis Hamilakis
The Monumentalization of the Moment – or: How to Perpetuate the Rule of the People
Elke Stein-Hölkeskamp
Dahlem Memory Sites
Wolfgang Wippermann
Deconstructing Commemoration, Exposing Abjection: Archaeological Work in War and Postwar Sites in Spain (1936–1950)
Alfredo González-Ruibal
Memories, Prophecies, and the Contradictions of Mississippian Places
Timothy R. Pauketat
Memory Spaces and Contested Pasts in the Haudenosaunee Homeland
Brian Broadrose
The Occupation or the Destruction of Memory? Bell Beaker "Re-Use" of Older Sites
Ulrike Sommer
Memory Anchors in the North American Southwest
Ruth M. van Dyke
Sketchy Memory: Dynamics in Making and Unmaking Memory Spaces in Sub-Saharan West Africa
Cornelia Kleinitz